Strategic Development of Employees

We support our customers, depending on the requirements and needs through Leadership and Sales Trainings, Leadership and Sales Coaching, Management Consulting, Workshop Moderations and Lectures on the subject:


  • Fit for Leadership© Programs.
  • Sales Management (control).
  • Organizational development in the context of sales management.

Sales and Negotiation Leadership

  • Top Selling Professional© Programs.
  • Key Account Management.
  • Territory-, Self- and Customer Management.
  • New Customer Acquisition (Phone Power© Programs).

Coaching (Personnel or Group Coaching)

  • Personnel Coaching.
  • Leadership Coaching.
  • Sales Coaching.
  • Team Coaching.

Additional Topics

  • Presentation and Moderation.
  • Repartee, Communication and Rhetoric.
  • The “Own Personality” as Brand.
  • Networking Business.
  • Team Building.
  • Behavioral Training for Leadership and Sales according to the DISC-Model.