Working Methods

The following three points give you the confidence to invest in the appropriate actions. They are both the basis for your investment and the diagnosis of the steps carried out and an early warning system in the current project.

1. Reviewing and Analyzing
At first RAYCON INTERNATIONAL will review and analyze, which include all relevant facts to the status quo so that the objective (quantitative and / or qualitative) can be defined. Based upon this, we advise you and discuss the critical success factors, as well as, timely lapse of your project. We work out several recommendations to provide you with alternative decision structures.

2. Development and Implementation
If the decision is made on the implementation of the project, we take all the necessary preparations. It includes the preparation of project schedules and qualification preparations of your employees, as well as, the creation of interim targets for monitoring the success, up to the internal communication strategy. To achieve the set of objectives, we are available to you as consultants, coaches and facilitators aside. To keep the current process as transparent as possible, regular reports of the dialogue between the project manager on client side and  our project leader are passed on to the responsible managing director.

3. Monitoring and Feedback
The project is subjected to a performance review from the beginning. It is an ongoing process that takes place during the defined project steps. At the end the common success is the only one thing that counts for you and us. In a final workshop, all project objectives and the corresponding parameters for success are discussed and documented in a final report.